Shadows of people on a brick wall. They are doing a high five.

ChangePoint: a safe place to reflect, grow, learn and recover.

Our hiring, training, intake processes, and therapy affirm the inherent dignity and worth of both clients and counselors.

We resolve to provide the best outpatient substance use disorder (SUD) counseling and treatment in the Portland and Vancouver metropolitan areas by embracing:

  • clinical supervision by highly qualified supervisors
  • weekly clinical staff meetings, ensuring you get the highest level of service
  • regular client satisfaction surveys
  • continuous quality improvement

To ensure you get excellent treatment, we are committed to our experienced, dedicated staff. We promise:

  • superior pay and treatment of employees, securing excellent employee retention rates
  • discerning hiring practices to make sure counselors reflect our philosophy
  • value-driven, ongoing training of all counselors

We welcome all members of the community.

You’ll know kindness and respect at ChangePoint. Whether you’re mandated by court or seeking treatment on your own–regardless of race, gender expression, sexual preference, immigration status, religion or culture–we are your compassionate partner on the path to healing.